Our Story

Here's my story, and I'm sticking to it:

Linda and I have been together since high school.
Linda and Gary on the BeachLinda and Gary on the Beach
We went to San Fernando Valley State College for a while, dropped out, went on a road trip (with Gary Schmidt), got married, joined the LA deputies (didn't take), had John, went back to college (Pierce then SFVSC), and finally graduated in 1968 (Linda worked during these years to put me through college and keep us afloat); and we went into the Air Force that Fall.

Linda and I arrived at Webb, AFB Texas with our four-year-old son John, and departed holding our new daughter Launa in our arms.
Linda and Gary at Pilot TrainingLinda and Gary at Pilot Training
Gary with T-38Gary with T-38
I dropped Linda and the kids off in Oxnard, CA and spent a year at Cam Rhan Bay, RVN with 39th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron as a copilot on the HC-130.
HC-130 Over LaosHC-130 Over Laos
I picked up the family on my way to Pease AFB, NH; another Rescue squadron - the 54th ARRS. We enjoyed the HC-130 so much I stayed in it for the duration; except for two tours in the "Rated Supplement" as a Supply Officer. The Supply career field gave me my Masters in Logistics Management from AFIT at Wright-Patterson, AFB, OH, so I paid them back with a tour at Rhine Main, AB Germany. A good trade!

Later, as a result of that tour I got command of a supply squadron at McChord AFB, WA. We retired from that assignment in 1988, as a Lt Colonel. Other assignments included Hill AFB, Utah - 1550 ATTW, McClellan AFB, CA - 41 RWRW, Scott AFB, IL - HQ ARRS/23AF.

I began looking for a civilian flying job, but was unemployed for a few weeks in early 1989. Then I got hired by Horizon Airlines, a Seattle based commuter, as a copilot on the DeHaviland Dash 8. This was also when John moved to Chicago and Launa went to college. We were Empty Nesters!
Boeing 757Boeing 757

After a few months with Horizon, I was picked up by United Airlines where I continued until retirement in 2003. During that time I flew their Boeing 727, as a Second Officer (Flight Engineer); 737, 757, and 767 as a First Officer; and then the 737 and Airbus 320 as a Captain. I enjoyed the work and was not ready to retire at the mandatory age 60. We were usually based at SFO, but I also held bids in SEA and JFK. After a couple of years with United in San Francisco, Linda and I decided to return to the Pacific Northwest. We've been in the same house since 1991.

Our HouseOur House
Our ViewOur View
Since retirement, I sold Real Estate for over seven years in the Port Orchard, WA vicinity so we could afford boat gas. I've retired again at the end of 2009. Boating has become our passion and we're out as often as we can between trips to visit our grandchildren. Below is Launa, Justin, Jacob and Leah in their Halloween costumes in 2008. Toto is played by Lacy. Lacy now has a playmate since George has been added to the family.

John lives in Lacey, WA, about an hour drive south of us near Olympia. He works for a company called "Watchmegrow.com", in Tech Support. He's a computer guy and an entrepreneur. He's hosting our website. Here's a picture of him at Big Spring; and another of him last summer at Roche Harbor, WA, along with my two girlfriends.
John at Big SpringJohn at Big Spring
John, Linda and MadraJohn, Linda and Madra

Here's a recent picture of the family:
Our FamilyOur Family

Here is our favorite picture from our 2007 Mediteranian Cruise, and a picture of Jacob and Leah in our Nations Capital.

Jacob and Leah DCJacob and Leah DC

And here's another picture of our 2007 cruise, this is me at Kusadasi (we have over 500 pictures we can show you when you come by the house for a visit):


Here's a picture of our boat:
It's a 1980 Monk 36 Trawler with a single Perkins 165 HP Diesel that makes about 7.5 kts at 2000 rpm and has an integrated Faruno RADAR and Navigation system.

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